What Do Bail Bond Agents Do?

What Do Bail Bond Agents Do?

Duty of Bail Bondsman

Getting bail means buying freedom before a trial begins, and if the defendant doesn’t have enough money to do so, then bond agencies enter the game by putting up a percentage of the bail in the form of a surety bond. The people behind this process are called bail bond agents or bail bondsmen, who are representatives of the bail bond company. Their main goal is going through the paperwork with the accused person, receiving the payments and, if necessary, track down a person; but only if the defendant fails to appear in court.

What Are the Steps to Take In a Bond Process?

  • Assessment of the defendant’s qualification for bond

    The agent investigates the background of the suspect to determine the risk he or she represents. Will they appear in court or are they a flight risk? 

  • Paperwork

    Once the bond decision is positive then the bail bondsmen need to accept the payment of fees from the defendant and proceed to complete the paperwork.

  • Agency Communication

    Meeting with defendants and completing the paperwork is essential for a bail bond agent, and they will only achieve this by maintaining regular communication with the agency, as they need to submit receipts within a certain period of time. 

  • Apprehension

    This is what you often see in the movies or TV when a defendant fails to appear in court. If this happens, the job of a bail recovery agent is to track down, apprehend and bring the suspect to present them before the court. 

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