What you need to know about bail bonds in Lynwood

If you’re looking for a bail bond in Lynwood, there are a few important things you should know first.

Getting someone who has been arrested out of jail can seem like a complicated and scary process but as you’ll soon see, it’s really not that bad.

At Angels Bail Bonds we have been working in Lynwood and the rest of Southern California since 1956, and as part of our mission to serve Southern California families, we’d like to share with you some information about how this all works.

If at any time you have questions and would like to speak directly to a friendly and professional Los Angeles bail agent, you can call us anytime4.

What happens when someone is arrested in Lynwood?

When someone is arrested in Lynwood they are taken to the Lynwood jail by the Lynwood police department. Upon arrival to the jail they will be booked in as an inmate.

As part of the booking process, their name will be ran against a number of law enforcement databases. This is done to see if they have any outstanding warrants for their arrest. In the event that there are other arrest records these will be added to the bail amount.

Once the records check has come back from then the inmate will be eligible for being released by bond. This process can take just a few minutes or it can take a lot longer depending on how much traffic there is at the jail. It’s best to ask your bail bondsman how long it will take to get someone out of the Lynwood jail right now.

What does a bail bondsman in Lynwood do?

There is a lot of confusion about what a bail bondsman is and what they actually do. We’d like to take a moment to set the record straight on behalf of all bail bondsman.

When someone is arrested they are given a bail amount that must be paid in order for them to be released. This money can be paid directly to the court in cash, which will be returned at the end of the court trial, minus any court fees.

The more common option is to use the services of a bail bondsman to secure someone’s release from jail. When you use a bail bondsman you only have to pay a fraction of the total bail cost in order to get someone out of jail. This one-time non-refundable fee is paid to the bail bondsman in exchange for the service of putting up the full bond amount and taking financial responsibility for the person bailed out.

Which bail bondsman in Lynwood should you use?

The best place to look online to find a bail bondsman is Yelp. On Yelp you’ll find unbiased reviews from past customers that will help you figure out if the bail bond company you’re talking to is a reputable business.

At Angels bail bonds we are proud of our all 5-star reviews on Yelp.

Where is the Lynwood Police Department?

The Century Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is in Lynwood and is located at the following address:

11703 Alameda Street
Lynwood, CA 90262

The department is available by phone at 332-568-4800 and is open on a twenty-four-hour basis. The department is also accessible online.

This station can be found easily accessed off of I-105. It is right near exit 10. From the west, turn left on Wilmington Avenue, right on Imperial Highway and then right on Alameda Street. From the east, turn directly right on Imperial Highway and then right on Alameda Street.

Where is the Lynwood Jail?

The Century Regional Detention Facility includes the jail holding cell for people arrested in the area and doubles as a juvenile correction center. This is located at the Century Station on 11705 Alameda Street right next to the main police station.

Who is the chief of police in Lynwood?

Jim McDonnell is the chief of police of Lynwood. He has held this since December 2014. He has been associated with the LAPD since 1981.

Who is the mayor of Lynwood?

Jose Luis Solache is the mayor of Lynwood. He has been the mayor since 2013 and is a former member of the Lynwood Board of Education. He is a graduate of the Liberal Studies program at the California State University in Dominguez Hills.

Who are the representatives for Lynwood?

Lynwood is in the 33rd Senate District in the California State Senate. This section is currently run by Democrat Ricardo Lara.

Within the California State Assembly, Lynwood is in the 63rd Assembly District. This district is represented by Democrat Anthony Rendon.

Lynwood is listed in the United States House of Representatives as the 44th district in the state. Democrat Janice Hahn is the representative for the area.

Demographic data about Lynwood

As of 2010, the population in Lynwood is at 69,772. This is a minor decline from the 69,845 people listed in the 2000 census.

The population of Lynwood consists of the following:

27,444 (39.3%) White

7,168 (10.3%) African-American

464 (0.7%) Native American

457 (0.7%) Asian

206 (0.3%) Pacific Islander

31,652 (45.4%) from other races

2,381 (3.4%) from two or more races

About 60,452 (86.6%) of people in the city are of a Hispanic or Latino origin.

Fun Facts about Lynwood

The town was founded in 1921 and was named after Lynn Wood Sessions, the wife of a dairy service provider who lived in the area.

The city of Lynwood has been the home to many noteworthy figures in the fields of sports and entertainment. These include Kevin Costner, Duke Snider, Pete Rozelle and Weird Al Yankovic.

Lynwood has become a prominent place for Spanish-speaking residents in Los Angeles County. About 77.43% of all residents speak Spanish as their first language.

The city was a dominantly African-American city for much of the 1970s and 1980s. It was also a white-dominated suburb in the 1950s and 1960s. Demographic changes in recent time have made the city a Hispanic-majority city.

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