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  • Our knowledgeable and licensed Los Angeles bail bond agents will come to your home, office, or jail at no extra cost.

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If your loved one is in trouble with the law, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. When faced with the possibility of jail time, getting out on bail is often the first priority. That’s where bail bonds come in. Our San Pedro bail bonds service is available 24/7 to help you or your loved one secure a quick release from jail. Our team of experienced and trusted bondsmen are knowledgeable about the local courts and jails, and can guide you through the bail process with ease.

We understand the urgency of the situation and are committed to providing fast and reliable service to our clients. With our help, you can get out of jail and back to your life as quickly as possible.

What you need to know about San Pedro Bail Bonds

If you’re reading this right now, that means that the unthinkable has happened. Someone you know has been arrested and you want to get them out of jail as quick as possible. You probably have a lot of questions about what to do. The process of getting someone out of jail can seem overwhelming at first, but in actuality, it is a very simple and straightforward procedure. On this page, you’ll find all of the information you need in order to make informed decisions about what to do in this situation. This is a free service provided by Angels Bail Bonds. If at any time you wish to talk to a confident, friendly and professional bail agent you can do so by calling us now.

What happens when someone is arrested in San Pedro?

When someone is arrested in San Pedro they are taken to the Harbor Area LA Jail and processed as an inmate. As part of this process, their fingerprints are taken and checked against a number of databases to determine their identity and if they have any outstanding warrants. A mug shot is also taken. The process of checking into Harbor Area Los Angeles Jail can take several hours. After they have been checked in they are eligible to be bailed out of jail. Harbor Area LA Jail is located within the city limits of San Pedro.

How much does it cost to bail someone out of the San Pedro Jail, also called Harbor Area LA Jail?

Once the inmate has been processed into jail their bail amount will be determined. In order to be bailed out of jail, there are a few options.

1. Put up the full amount of the bond with the court. This money must be certified funds. All of this money will be returned once the case has been resolved in court.

2. Employ the services of a bail bondsman, who typically charge 10% of the total bond amount. The fee, a bail bondsman charges, is a non-refundable, one-time fee for posting the bond. This money is paid to the bail bondsman for the service of putting up the full bond amount with the court.

In addition to paying the 10% to the bail bondsman, someone will also have to sign on behalf of the defendant as the indemnitor, guaranteeing that they will make all of their court appearances and that they are financially responsible for that person in case they don’t go to jail.

Which bail bondsman in San Pedro works best with my situation?

It is important that you choose a bail bonds company that has a strong reputation in the community it serves. We recommend that you check out the Yelp page of any bail bondsman that you are thinking about using so that you can get unbiased opinions from third parties about the quality of the service provided by that bail agency.

Where is the San Pedro Police Department?

The San Pedro Police Department’s headquarters is located at: 2175 John S. Gibson Boulevard, San Pedro, CA, 90731. You can phone the department at 310-726-7700. You can also visit the department’s website. The San Pedro Police Department is officially called Harbor Community Police Station and is a sub-station of the Los Angeles Police Department. This sub-station serves Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, San Pedro, Terminal Island and Wilmington.

Where is the San Pedro Jail?

The San Pedro Jail is located in the same complex as the Harbor Community Police Station. It is located at 2175 John S. Gibson Boulevard, San Pedro, CA, 90731. You can call the jail at 310-726-7999. This jail is officially called the Harbor Area LA Jail. This is a maximum security facility which houses both low-level offenders and violent offenders. The Harbor Area Los Angeles Jail is part of the Los Angeles City Police Department.

Who is the chief of police in San Pedro?

Michael Oreb is the Captain in charge of the Harbor Division. The Harbor Community Police Station in San Pedro falls into the Harbor Division. Captain Oreb ranks as a Captain III. He was born and raised in San Pedro. He is a third generation Los Angeles Police Officer. He completed his training in 1986 and began his career in the traffic division. Through the years, he has worked through the ranks rising to Captain III. In 2005, Captain Oreb received a Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Long Beach in Occupational Studies. He has a Master’s degree from the same institution in Emergency Services.

Who is the mayor of San Pedro?

San Pedro is part of the city of Los Angeles whose mayor is Eric Garcetti. The city of San Pedro has three neighborhood councils and a municipal building. The San Pedro municipal building is located at 638 South Beacon Street in San Pedro. The Central Pedro Neighborhood Council holds their meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at the Port of Los Angeles High School. The Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council meets on the third Monday of the month at the Cabrillo Marina Community Building. The Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council meets on the second Monday of every month at the Peck Park Auditorium.

Who are the representatives for San Pedro?

The California State Assembly representatives for this area are Jenny Oropeza, George Nakano, and Alan Lowenthal. The California State Senate members are State Senator Debra Bowen and State Senator Betty Karnette. The United States House of Representatives are Representative Dana Rohrbacher, Representative Jane Harman, Representative Juanita Millender-McDonald, Representative Maxine Waters and Representative Steve Horn. The US Senators are Senator Diane Feinstein and Senator Barbara Boxer.

Demographic data about San Pedro

As of 2008, the population in San Pedro is 86,012. This is an increase from the 2000 census, which showed a population of 80,065. The population of San Pedro consists of the following: 44.2% White, 6.1% African-American, 40.8% Latinos, 1% Native American, 4.8% Asian and Pacific Islander.

Fun Facts about San Pedro

San Pedro is part of the city of Los Angeles in Los Angeles County. It was consolidated into the city of Los Angeles in 1909. The city encompasses 12.06 square miles. A portion of the Port of Los Angeles is located within San Pedro. Historically the city was dominated by the fishing industry, in recent years it has become a working class community for the city of Los Angeles. 28th Street in San Pedro, between Gaffey Street and Peck Avenue is the steepest portion of public road in Los Angeles.

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Norman Sperz
Norman Sperz
06:57 17 Jan 23
They were lifesavers for my family when my loved one was arrested. The team at Angels Bail Bonds was able to secure their release in a timely manner and were understanding and compassionate throughout the process. They made sure everything was settled. Glad we chose them and their service.
Mary Smithson
Mary Smithson
11:17 04 Jan 23
When my father was arrested, we were all feeling lost and overwhelmed. Angels Bail Bonds was able to provide the guidance and support we needed to navigate the bail bonds process and get my father released as soon as possible. We are forever grateful to the team at Angels Bail Bonds.
Arthur Easton
Arthur Easton
05:27 02 Jan 23
I was impressed by the speed at which Angels Bail Bonds was able to secure my release from jail. They were professional and understanding, and their rates were very reasonable. I would definitely use them again if the need arises.
Kaitlyn Cross
Kaitlyn Cross
05:58 27 Dec 22
I highly recommend Angels Bail Bonds San Pedro to anyone in need of a bail bond. The staff was compassionate and understanding, and they went above and beyond to help us through a difficult time.
A Google User
A Google User
14:00 22 Dec 22
They were lifesavers for my family when my loved one was arrested. The team at Angels Bail Bonds was able to secure their release in a timely manner and were understanding and compassionate throughout the process. They made sure everything was settled. Glad we chose them and their service.
Sean Plotkin
Sean Plotkin
05:39 08 Nov 22
In and out.. Little wait, no problem!
Christian Guynn
Christian Guynn
16:36 15 Apr 22
I can't recommend Angels Bail Bonds enough. I was in a tough spot with a friend who had nobody to bail him out of LA County and I zero knowledge of how the bail process works. The agent at Angels was super friendly and explained the process to me over the phone. They secured the bond for my buddy and he was out of jail the next day. Hopefully I never have to do this again, but I will definitely give Angels a call if needed.
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