What you need to know about bail bonds in Westminster

Has someone you know been arrested?

You might be looking for a bail bondsman who can help you bail them out of the Westminster jail.

If this is the case then you probably have a lot of questions about how the bail bond process works and what you can do right now to help get your friend or family member out of jail.

The bail bond process can seem complicated, but it’s really simple once you understand it.

Right now we at Angels’ Bail Bonds would like to give you some basic information that will educate you on how this all works so that you can get your friend out of there.

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What happens when someone is arrested in Westminster?

When someone is arrested in Westminster they are taken to the Westminster jail and booked in as an inmate.

As part of the booking process their information is taken down and their fingerprints and picture are taken. Their information is run against a number of law enforcement databases to see if they have any outstanding warrants. If they do these will be added to the bail amount.

Once the records check has completed the person in jail will be eligible for release by an Orange County bail bonds company. This could take just a few minutes or it could take a lot longer depending on how busy the jail is.

If you want to know how long the wait will be you should ask your bail bondsman, and they will call the jail and find out for you.

What does a bail bondsman do?

Not a lot of people understand how bail bonds really work. It’s really a simple concept.

When someone is arrested they are assigned a court date. In order to make sure that they are free to prepare a legal defense, they are allowed to be out on bail. The court needs some kind of guarantee that they will show up at court, which is why they require a bail bond.

This can either be paid in full in cash directly to the court, or you can use the services of a bail bondsman. If you pay directly to the court your money will be with them for the duration of the court case, which could take several years.

It’s most common to use the services of a bail bondsman because you don’t need to put up all of the money yourself. The bail bondsman will put up the money for you in exchange for a fee. This fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee.

The bail bondsman assumes full financial risk for the person he bails out and becomes responsible for that person making all of their court appearances. If they don’t show up in court the bail bondsman has to pay. So the bail bondsman makes sure they show up.

Which bail bondsman should you use?

There are a lot of bail bondsman that you could use in Westminster, but not all of them are good choices.

The safest bet is to use a company that people are saying good things about. The best way to check this is by going on Yelp.

We’re proud of the fact that we have all 5-star reviews on our Yelp page.

Where is the Westminster Police Department?

The Westminster Police Department’s headquarters is located at:

8200 Westminster Boulevard
Westminster, CA 92683

You can call the department at 714-898-3315. You can also contact the department online or you can send a fax to 714-373-4684.

You can reach the station from the north by taking exit 8 on the Garden Grove Freeway. Go south on Beach Boulevard and turn left onto Westminster Boulevard. Head right on All American Way to reach the main building; it is across the street from Coastline Community College.

Where is the Westminster Jail?

The jail is in Building 5 at the Westminster Police Department headquarters on 8200 Westminster Boulevard. You can call the jail at 714-548-3219 for inmate information.

Who is the chief of police?

Kevin Baker is the chief of police in Westminster.

Who is the mayor?

Tri Ta is the mayor of Westminster. Elected in 2012, he is the first Vietnamese-American person to have been elected as the mayor of a town in the United States. He is a native of Saigon who has been a part of the city council since 2006.

Who are the representatives for the area?

Westminster is in the 34th Senate District in the California State Senate and is represented by Republican Janet Nguyen.

Within the California State Assembly, Westminster is in the 72nd Assembly District and is represented by Republican Travis Allen.

Westminster is listed in the United States House of Representatives as the 47th and 48th Congressional Districts in California. These are respectively represented by Democrat Alan Lowenthal and Republican Dana Rohrabacher.

Demographic data

As of 2010, the population in Westminster is at 89,701. This is a slight rise from the 2000 census total of 88,207.

The population of Westminster consists of the following:

45.79% White

0.99% African-American

0.61% Native American

38.13% Asian

0.46% Pacific Islander

10.19% from other races

3.83% from two or more races

Fun Facts

The Westminster School District is the largest employer in the city. There are about 1,150 workers in the district. It operates a number of elementary and middle schools but it does not have any high schools. All high school students in the area are served by the district in nearby Huntington Beach.

Southern California Edison, Ito Farms and Kindred Hospital Westminster are among the other major employers in the city.

The city’s name is from the Westminster Assembly, a 1643 guideline that created the key rules of the Presbyterian faith. The city itself was founded by Reverend Lemuel Webber, as a temperance colony where alcohol was prohibited.

It is estimated that there are more than 35,000 Vietnamese-Americans living in Westminster with much of the population being in the Little Saigon neighborhood. Many of these people are refugees who arrived during the 1970s after the fall of Saigon.

The Westminster Mall is the main shopping center in the city. It is home to more than 180 stores and has four major anchor tenants and a large food court. The mall has been around since 1974 but it went under a massive renovation in 2008.

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