Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail On a Weekend?

No, you cannot bail someone out of jail on the weekend. The jail’s weekend schedule is different from that of its weekday schedule. Since weekends are considered the “off-duty” time, no operations will take place. Therefore, no inmates will be bailed out from jail on a weekend.

Generally it depends on the jail system. In some states you can bail someone out on the weekend, but in others, you can’t. It is up to the jailers, and jailer’s discretion as to whether you bail someone out on the weekend or not. In some states, you can bail someone out on the weekend, in some states you can’t. Bail amounts are often set high, typically between $2,000 and $50,000. Defendants often have to pay the full amount in order to be released. However, you have the right to challenge the amount of the bail during a private hearing with a judge.

However, you cannot go directly to the jail or court to post bail with cash . That is illegal in some states and counties. In some jurisdictions, you may actually have to wait for a tentative court date before you can find time to post bail. If that tentative court date is not until sometime in the future, the defendant cannot be released from jail prior to that tentative court date. Since the court is closed on the weekends, there will be no indication of the defendant’s situation or progress in his or her case. Your best option is to contact your local law firm for assistance in posting bail early.

If someone you love is in legal trouble, it’s crucial to get them out of jail as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, most people involved in a criminal proceeding are underprepared and don’t know what to do. Contacting a local bail bondsman or company is the first place to start.

Angel Bail Bonds is here to help you and will answer all of your questions. When you are involved in a criminal case, it can be very overwhelming, confusing and scary. We are here to help and to help guide you through this complex and uncertain process. Reach out to one of our agents ready to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days a week at (800) 224-5911.

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