What Is a Bail Bond Company?

What is a bail bond company?

What is a bail bond company?

A bail bond company helps people that have been charged with criminal offenses to legally live outside of jail or police custody while they wait for trial. What regulates bail bond companies are State laws, which means that regulations can be a bit complex and varied. Even so, at Angels Bail Bonds we are certain about our work and know the steps to follow when answering your call. Our goal is to provide clients with the very best service possible and we take immediate action and offer immediate solutions. In terms of our payment plan, we offer a wide range of payment options depending on each case. Call us to find out what we can do for you. Our bail bond company is 100% reliable and effective. 

Bail Bond Company and The Defendant

When an accused person cannot afford to pay the full bailing amount – which is in most cases – then he or she may be able to call a bail bond company for help, as the company offers a surety bond that acts as an insurance that the defendant will show up in court when the district judge says so.  

Under California law, the cost of the jail bond is typically just 10% of the bail. After this, the bail bond company may require the accused to secure the bond, whether with money or collateral, which can be jewelry, the deed of the house, or other valuables. When this process is done, the bail bond company will send a representative to the court to pay part of the full amount of the bail, a process that guarantees the payment of the rest in case the accused does not appear when required to do so. (Learn more about how the bail bonding process works here.)

  • Assets forfeiture

This is a criminal justice financial obligation that typically applies to some alleged proceeds or instruments of crime, such as terrorist activities and drug-related crimes. Assets forfeiture is also known as “confiscation,” as it confiscates assets that could have been beneficial to the individual or organization. 

  • Private investigation 

If a fugitive disappears after release from jail, the bail bondsman or bail bond recovery agent needs to use their tracing skills to locate them on the run or apprehend them, a task that can be difficult in itself. Private investigators help complement this process. 

Bail Bonds agents get the criminal out of jail and repay him or her by running off and leaving the agency with a large financial penalty; after this, the bail bonds company sends out a specialized apprehension team to secure the investment and return defendants to trial. 

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