Get a discount in a ride for Uber in Orange County

Maybe you are car-less in Orange County, or there are some situations where you do not want to use your car, for instance: avoiding a DUI. Orange County has a fair public transit system which makes it easy to some extent, to go to work, meet up with friends and family or run errands. However, sometimes taking the bus or the train is inconvenient if you are carrying a bunch of bags after going grocery shopping or even impossible if it is late at night, and you need to decide whether to take a cab or use your phone to request a ride from Uber.

To the untrained eye, these two options might not seem much different: after all, no matter which one you choose, a car will pick you up and drive you home, and you would be paying for such privilege. However, there are many determinants to take into consideration.

There is a reason why the Uber app and uberization of transportation is so popular: besides being significantly economic, they are most of the time faster and almost always more convenient than simply hailing a cab right on the street.

For anyone who lives in a city serviced by Uber, knowing the pros and cons of using this app is crucial. Here we tell you how exactly Uber works and what are the different options this app has to offer in order to help you make the best decision the next time you need a ride.

How does Uber even work?

If you are new to ride-sharing apps, you might need some background on how exactly they work. Uber is an app available for download for both Android and iOS devices and offers people who need transportation the ability to call a vehicle at the click of a button by entering your location and the place where you want to be dropped off. Uber processes the payments through the same platform, so no change is exchanged during your ride unless you set it up or want to tip your driver. It offers a practical tool that roughly estimates the amount of money you will pay for your ride, although based on traffic and route, the accuracy and cost of this estimate can vary.

Uber has a few distinct options you can select, each with different pricing and specifics:

  •  Uber Pool – A driver will pick you up in their vehicle and take you to your destination, but the driver might stop to pick someone else up who is going in the same direction. To use Uber Pool, you might travel with up to one companion. This service displays as being up to 50 percent cheaper than Uber X.
  •    Uber X – A driver will pick you up in their vehicle and take you to your destination. You and your party -up to 4 people- will be the only passengers.
  •    UberXL – The same as Uber X, but for larger groups. The base rate starts a little higher, but you will get a van or SUV that can conveniently fit at least six people.
  •    UberTAXI – A regular city taxi will pick you up and bring you to your destination. Typical taxi rates plus an Uber fee apply, so in this sense, it is cheaper to take a cab on the street, but this is useful if you are not in an area where taxis often prowl.
  •    Uber Select – Same as Uber X but upscale. You will only get new, high-end cars with leather seats, but comfort comes with a higher price.
  •    UberBLACK – One step up from Select, UberBlack cars are black luxury vehicles with black leather interiors. It is the most expensive Uber alternative, as it is by definition a luxury service.

One thing to note about Uber is their surge pricing, which can get obscene on busy weekend nights or during significant events. As a piece of advice, do not take Uber when there’s even a slight surge because even a 1.5 percent increase means you will be paying at least as much as you would pay for a regular cab.

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