Irvine, CA Police Department Information

In this article, you will attain all the information you may need regarding the Irvine Police Department; you will find their address, phone numbers, and areas of service.

You can always go in person to their physical address at 1 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine California 92606 or send them paperwork to their mailing address:  P.O. Box 19575 Irvine, California 92623-9575. Their non-emergency phone number is 949-724-7000.

You can also visit their website; it displays a virtual Front Business Desk where most of your questions may be answered by following the links in their left navigation panel.

In case you need further information you may call the Front Desk line at 949-724-7000 or show up at the Irvine Police Department.

Besides answering non-emergency police telephone line, the Front Desk Officers are highly trained law enforcement professionals qualified to assist the citizens with general public safety demands.  

The duties of the Front Desk Officer include, but are not limited to:

  • Police report writing*
  • Lost property
  • Stolen property
  • Counter traffic collision reports
  • Identity theft
  • Fingerprint services
  • Livescan
  • Ink
  • Citation sign-offs
  • Clearance letters
  • Police report copies
  • Vehicle storage/impound hearing requests

*NOTE: Please do not call the Front Desk if your report includes a known suspect. If you have an immediate emergency, call 9-1-1 DO NOT call the Front Desk.

Angels Bail Bonds in Irvine likes to keep you well informed, so we have prepared a list of Geographic areas inside Irvine, CA where the Police Department works and gives service for all their citizens.

To provide the greatest level of quality service, Irvine divides into three main geographic areas.  

Each of these areas led by an Area Commander assisted by a team of supervisors, patrol officers, traffic police, investigators and civilian support staff. This policing model allows the personnel to be more familiar with the people living and working in their area.


Crossroads incorporates 22 residential neighborhoods, Irvine Valley College, Verizon Amphitheater, Irvine Spectrum and many other significant shopping centers. Also, 18 Irvine Unified School District campuses and some private schools and pre-schools located within the Crossroads limits.

Crossroads LIEUT John Condon


Ph: 949-724-7156

Parking or Traffic

  • Crossroads Area Traffic Officer

Christopher Ostrowski

e-mail: (link sends e-mail)

Ph: 949-724-7212 x2104

  • Crossroads Area Traffic Officer

Brian Smith

e-mail: (link sends e-mail)

Ph: 949-724-7212 x2020

The Irvine Police Department serves the following communities in the Crossroads area:

  • College Park
  • Windwood
  • Woodbridge
  • Deerfield
  • Los Olivos
  • Oak Creek
  • El Camino Glen
  • Greentree
  • Harvard Square
  • Heritage Park
  • Old Towne
  • Orange Tree
  • Quail Hill
  • The Spectrum
  • The Colony
  • The Meadows
  • The Ranch
  • Walnut Square
  • Westpark
  • The Willows
  • Shady Canyon
  • Smoketree

Irvine Police Department serves the following schools inside the Crossroads area:

  • Alderwood Elementary School
  • College Park Elementary School
  • Deerfield Elementary School
  • Early Childhood Learning Center School
  • Eastshore Elementary School
  • Greentree Elementary School
  • Meadow Park Elementary School
  • Oak Creek Elementary School
  • Springbrook Elementary School
  • Stone Creek Elementary School  
  • Lakeside Middle School
  • South Lake Middle
  • Venado Middle School  
  • Woodbridge High School
  • Irvine High School
  • Creekside High School
  • San Joaquin High School


Portola includes 14 residential communities, 13 Irvine and Tustin Unified School District campuses, and some private schools and pre-schools.

Portola Area LIEUT Michael Kent

Ph: 949-724-7059


Great Park Special Events Information

Robert Warren, Sergeant


Parking or Traffic

Portola Area Traffic Officer

Jerry Waterlander

949-724-7212 x2094

The Police Department of Irvine provides services to the following communities inside Portola:

  • Northwood
  • Northwood Point
  • Orange County Great Park
  • Cypress Village
  • Lower Peter’s Canyon
  • Portola Springs
  • Racquet Club
  • Stonegate
  • West Irvine
  • North Park
  • North Park Square
  • Orchard Hills
  • Woodbury
  • Woodbury East

They provide safety to the following schools in the area:

  • Stonegate Elementary School
  • Woodbury Elementary
  • Rancho San Joaquin Middle School
  • Great Foundations Montessori
  • New Horizon School
  • Northwood Montessori School
  • Canyonview Elementary School
  • Northwood Elementary School
  • Santiago Hills Elementary School
  • Arnold O. Beckman High School
  • Northwood High School
  • Crean Lutheran High School
  • Orchard Hills School


University encompasses 9 residential neighborhoods, a region of mixed commercial and residential sectors known as the Irvine Business Complex, University of California, 11 Irvine Unified School District campuses, and some private schools and pre-schools.

University Area LIEUT Tom Allan

Ph: 949-724-7117


Parking or Traffic

University Area Traffic Officer

Ray Velarde

949-724-7212 x2106

The following communities in University are served by Irvine Police Department:

  • Rancho San Joaquin
  • Turtle Ridge
  • Turtle Rock
  • University Park
  • University Town Center
  • West Park Village I
  • Bommer Canyon Open Space Preserve
  • Orchard Hills Open Space Preserve
  • Quail Hill Open Space Preserve

Schools Served

  • Culverdale Elementary School
  • Bonita Canyon Elementary School
  • Turtle Rock Child Development Center
  • Turtle Rock Elementary School
  • Vista Verde Elementary School
  • University Park Elementary
  • Westpark Elementary
  • Rancho San Joaquin Middle School
  • University High School
  • Tarbut V’ Torah Community Day School
  • Village Montessori School

Watch a short video presentation on traffic safety.

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