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If you or a loved one finds themselves in this unfortunate position, Angels Bail Bonds is here for you.

With over fifty years of experience in the business, you can rest assured that our competent and professional staff will be more than willing to help you.

  • Getting out of jail fast
  • Low priced bail bonds
  • All payment types accepted
  • Collateral accepted

You can trust the fact that we will maintain the strictest privacy while guiding the defendant’s family through the necessary steps

We are open 24/7, allowing our staff to respond in minutes.

I'll start buy saying it was the worst day of my life. But Angels Bail Bonds helped me and my family in a very difficult time.The level of service was amazing.I hope no one has to go through this, but if you ever do, Angels is the right call.

Patrick A.
Buena Park, CA

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How Does Bail Work

The purpose of the bail system is to ensure that a defendant will be present for trial and any pretrial hearings they face.

The process of bailing a friend or family member out of jail, while initially daunting, is relatively simple.

When someone is arrested, the judge sets their bail. The amount is dependent upon their criminal history, the severity of the charges, if they are employed, and if they have ties to the community.

If the person cannot afford the bail, they will need the services of a bail bondsman. A small fee is paid to the bondsman, who then assumes the responsibility of the full bail amount.

We read about Angels Bail Bonds on yelp, so we knew that we were going with a winner. But what we didn't know is that the Angels team is even better than what the reviews said.Angels Bail Bonds are partners with their clients Patty and Mejkan worked closely with us and explained everything and kept us updated every hour. They treated us like family and made a difficult time more understandable and easier!

Barbara D.
Whittier, CA

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How Does Bail Work

There is certain information that you will need when calling a bond agency. It will speed the process along if all the information is ready.

  • The full name of the person in jail
  • What jail they are in
  • Their booking number
  • The charges
  • Any other information you can get

You may be wondering where you go to pay the bail. Depending on your proximity to the jail, the bondsman can usually meet you there. Some may be willing to come to your home. If you are in a different city, it can also be handled electronically or even over the phone.

Many different items of value can be used as collateral if the money for bail isn’t readily available. This can include property, jewelry, art, or anything else with enough worth.

After the percentage fee has been paid or the collateral signed over, the bondsman will post the bond. The person who has been arrested will then be released, though the time this takes can vary. It could be a short time, or it could take several hours.

Once the defendant has been released, the rules of being out on bail stipulate that he or she must appear for any court proceedings related to their case. They must also follow any other conditions that the bondsman has set.

If the defendant fails to appear in court or violates any of the mandates that were set forth, they can be returned to jail, and the full bail amount will be due.

They would also forfeit any collateral that had been signed over.

The bond obligation ends when the trial ends, whether the defendant is found innocent or guilty.

These guys are awesome! I bail out my brother never done this before and Jason made it so easy and smooth process. Thanks a lot you guys. Hope I don't need you again but if I do I know where to go.Don't park in jail Parking lot, they offer free parking and steps from the jail.

Juan C.
Santa Ana, CA

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There is never a convenient time to have to deal with the bond process. Fortunately, we can usually approve your bond in as little as 15 minutes. The process involves answering some questions about the circumstances and collecting any other relevant information.

Payment Options. We accept all forms of credit card, cash, check, and even bitcoin.

Exclusive Financing Options. We offer a broad range of payment options, specific to each case. Call us to see what we can do for you.

Collateral. We accept collateral to secure against the debt obligation in case the bail is forfeited. Collateral can include motor homes, boats, property liens, jewelry, or anything with a value equal to the amount of the bond. Physical items are stored in a secure location until the case is resolved.

Local Jail Info

The police department and jail buildings are connected. They are located at #60 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana, CA 92702.

The general phone number for the police department is (714) 465-5907.

The phone number for the jail is (714) 465-5907. The jail lobby is open between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

The hours for inmate visitation at the jail are Monday through Sunday, 7 a.m.-11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.-9 p.m.

For information on an inmate, visit this website. Your bail bondsman may be a better choice for navigating the most recent information about a particular inmate.

Contact Information

I'll start buy saying it was the worst day of my life. But Angels Bail Bonds helped me and my family in a very difficult time.The level of service was amazing.I hope no one has to go through this, but if you ever do, Angels is the right call.

Patrick A.
Buena Park, CA

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Getting Arrested in Santa Ana

Crime Statistics. The crime rate statistics for Santa Ana show that it is considered safer than 36% of the cities in the United States. Out of 7,103 crimes reported in the last year, 1,309 were violent crimes and the rest were property crimes.

Theft is the most reported non-violent crime, while assault is the most reported violent crime.

Most common crimes requiring our services include DUI and domestic violence, (battery, penal codes 242, 243, 245, 273, 236, corporal injury of spouse) .

There is a range of other infractions that we handle bail bonds for. Some of them are: DUI with great bodily injury, repeat DUI/2nd DUI, shoplifting, and petty theft, battery, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism, marijuana offenses, possession for sales (drug related), fraud/embezzlement, robbery, federal bonds, attempted murder, and murder.


We provide you with free bail bonds information and bail assistance 24 hours a day. Let us share our know-how with you! It isn’t uncommon for us to receive calls from customers who are simply at a loss since it’s the first time they or a loved one has been arrested. Understandably, they’re unfamiliar with the legal system and are unclear how to process out with a California bail bond. We are especially sensitive to family members or friends attempting to secure the release of a loved one on their behalf.

To speak with one of our licensed and knowledgeable bail bond agents call Angels Bail Bonds toll free: (800) 224-5911. You can also immediately reach a bail bonds agent by sending us an email at

A bail bond is a contract between the Courts, the bail bondsman, and the indemnitor. Paying a bail bond secures the release of an accused person, who is usually referred to as the defendant.

The indemnitor is the person who physically signs the contract for the release of the defendant. After this, he or she is referred to as the signer or guarantor.

The Bail Bondsman is the court’s assurance a defendant will be present for each subsequent court appearance. If the defendant misses a designated court appearance, Angels Bail Bonds will help to locate the indemnitor locate and return the defendant to court.

If you can’t pay it in full, the bail agent is the key to your loved one’s release from jail. The bail bondsman takes on the responsibility of your bail amount as set by a judge during a bail hearing.

The cost for a Bail Bond is usually 10% of the amount ordered by the court. To get this initial amount a judge will weigh a variety of factors, including the nature and severity of the crime if there are any previous convictions, assessment of a defendant’s ties to his or her community, and employment status.

Cash, check, and credit cards are all accepted methods of payment when posting bail. However, if are unable to get the money together we do offer low monthly payment options.

At we work with customers to write large bonds for little or *no money down. While the 10% cost of the original bond won’t change, we can approve customers to put money down and make small monthly payments depending on their credit. Be sure to call and ask about our rebate program.

After a defendant’s release has been secured, the bail bond fee is fully earned regardless of whether he or she may have been improperly taken into custody, the bail was reduced, or had their case dismissed. While the 10% premium paid to your bail bondsman is a non-refundable surcharge but won’t be assessed until your loved one is successfully out of jail.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all bonds in the event that we are unable to bail you, your friend or your loved one out of jail in Los Angeles or Orange County.

If you have secured a $100,000 bail bond and have already paid us $10,000, and the defendant is not bailed out of jail for any reason, we will refund you the full $10,000. No question asked.

We know that most people don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around in a bank account that they can afford to spend and not get anything in return.

We think that this is a common-sense practice that all bail bondsmen should adopt. AS crazy as it seems though, there are some in the industry who would keep your money after finding out that they can’t bail you out.

Bail bonds are good for 1 year. The bail bond is renewable at the end of the year if the bail bond is not exonerated. When the bond is exonerated the bail agency will release the indemnitor’s liability. Exoneration normally occurs when the proceedings are terminated in some way or on the return of the defendant to custody. If convicted, the defendant appears for sentencing. If sentenced to imprisonment the defendant is committed to the custody of the sheriff, and the liability of the bail bond terminates.

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